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The Gifts that Hope Offers...


Moments of Reflection during this first month of the New Year


As we begin a new month, a new year, I think that one of the qualities that we are most looking for is that of hope.  As we have gone through a very trying 2020, as we begin this new year with further lockdowns and daily doses of discouraging news, I believe we truly seek after hope.  


The 121st Psalm speaks of not placing our hope in the idols of our world, but rather of trusting that our help comes from our God, the creator of heaven and earth, the one who loves us and holds us close.



How do you bring hope and encouragement to those beyond your circle of family and friends? 



Reflect upon a time when something you did gave hope to someone else.


How do you keep in touch with the hope that God offers?


What is something that you will do this week that will bring hope to others?


What is something that you hope for today, as we begin the journey of a new year?




Online Giving

We are launching online giving to Gateway Christian Church.  You can give by clicking this box:


Worship via Zoom


We are holding our Worship Celebrations via Zoom on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. (PST)  You are welcome to join us for this.  If you would like the link for the service please email David at


Potter's Hands Discussion Group via Zoom


We are gathering for our Potter's Hands discussion group via Zoom on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time.  If you would like the link for the gathering please email David at


Bible Study via Zoom


We meet for Bible Study via Zoom on Thursdays at noon, Pacific Time.  We are studying the Gospel of Mark.  If you would like the link for the gathering please email David at



Gateway Christian Church is a part of the movement called the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  On a national level we proclaim that we are "A Movement for Wholeness in a Fragmented World."  In West Los Angeles, where our church family gathers for celebration, study and growing with one another, we strive to live out being a faithful part of that movement for wholeness.

Our tradition is founded upon the belief that we are all God's children.  We live in that tradition as we openly welcome everyone.  We celebrate communion weekly, and all are welcome to Jesus' table.  Indeed, it is Christ who extends the invitation to the table, who meets us in that time, who offers his gifts of bread and cup to everyone.  Join us in celebrating shared life in God, and join us at the table that is set for us.




Our Pastor has Published a Book


This is what he has to say about it:


"I have been a part of small churches for most of my life.  There is a richness of experience, and always ongoing challenges, in being a small church family.  Unfortunately, many small churches eventually close, most of them certainly due to circumstances unique to each situation, but also often due to the common dilemma of wanting to grow yet being challenged in making changes to help that to happen.


"As we have experimented with different approaches to worship at Gateway Christian Church, we have used the Fifth Sundays in a year to experience worship in different ways.  While our worship attendance still fluctuates with the expected ebbs and flows as with most congregations, these unique worship experiences have helped to foster vitality in both our worship gatherings throughout the year and in other areas of church life.  We have found that most people do not want to miss these unique Sundays.


"I have published a small book entitled, Transforming the Small Church: Fifth Sundays and Beyond.  It suggests a process for transforming worship, since that is the largest common experience in small churches.  It also offers ten Fifth Sunday Worship Gathering suggestions as a way of prompting the reader’s own creativity.  My hope is that some of the resources will be useful just as they are, and that others will be a starting point for other churches to create their own unique experiences.  It is available through"


Art within the Church


One of the highlights of our 2018 Advent season was the creation of a work of art during one of our worship celebrations.  Alexi Pyles, a member of our church, painted while the activities of worship went on around her.  People were invited to get up and go and watch her progress during the singing of the carols.  The finished creation is presented here.