Gateway Christian Church
Gateway Christian Church

Gifts of Advent


Moments of Reflection during this season of preparation...



What gift of nature has God blessed you with in the past week?


What is a favorite food you are looking forward to on Christmas?


What is a gift that you intend to give to yourself as Advent draws near to its close?


What is one of the best Christmas-related things you have experienced this week?


What is your favorite Christmas song, other than the carols?


What is your favorite Christmas carol?


What is a favorite decoration that you put up for Advent and Christmas?


What is something creative that you have done this week, for yourself or for another person?


What gift did you offer to another person this week?


What gift have you received this week that adds to your observance of this Advent season?


What is a special gift of music that you recall from past Advent seasons?


What is one of your favorite Christmas movies?


What is a favorite ornament or decoration that someone has given to you?


Think about one of your most generous gifts given to another person.  How did it impact you to be so generous?


What is one of the oddest-shaped presents you have ever given?


What does the gift of mystery mean to you in this season?


What gift of yourself do you enjoy sharing especially at this time of year?


What is the largest gift you have ever received at Christmas?


What is the smallest gift you have ever received at Christmas?


What is one of the decorations that you especially enjoy in this season?


What is one of the gifts that you experience in the Advent season?